Data Exchange Interface/Technology

Pittenger Law Group prides itself on using the latest technology and information resources available to aid in collection accounts including:

  • CollectMax by JS Technologies "JST", an industry leader in Legal collection software
  • Electronic transfer of data and files
  • MaxPlans by JST: JST developed an extremely powerful feature that will allow users to place an account on a user designed “track.” This “track,” or MaxPlan, will trigger events to take place on an account without the need for user interaction.  Once the event has been performed, the account will be advanced automatically to the next step.
  • MaxPlans allows Automatic escalation of issues regarding any file in our system; issues are identified immediately and escalated to the appropriate department manager for immediate action.
  • All of our software is constantly updated to attend to all areas of our collection process including document production, docketing, collector notes, accounting, reporting and client audits.
  • To protect the confidentiality and proprietary content of the collection claims received from our clients, and following new laws for protection of personal information, our systems are designed to be compliant with all current security and privacy issues.

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