Legal Process

Pittenger Law Group employs an experienced and well trained staff of collectors and other related personnel.  

We provide statewide legal coverage in Kansas and Missouri.  You no longer need to manage multiple firms. We are a full service operation that avoids the need to use collection agencies altogether.  Our trained and motivated collection staff will take your case as far as it needs to go, from simple phone calls to post judgment litigation.


  • We have the knowledge and ability to see the collection process through from start to finish; including letter writing, phone calls, obtaining and enforcing judgments.
  • We employ advanced in–house skip tracing methods to locate debtors and their assets.
  • We have the capability to process a large volume of accounts.
  • We have an impressive team of highly experienced process servers and investigators.
  • We have an integrated system that enhances communication and exchange of information with our clients.
  • Our post-judgment litigation system seamlessly moves all judgments to the right staff to ensure complete asset investigation and liquidation.
  • We employ a sophisticated recovery staff that knows when and how to act to maximize recoveries.
  • We provide full judgment enforcement including wage garnishments, bank garnishments, prompt judgment recording, and real property liens.

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